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Adoption and Wild Seal Supporter Pack - 1 Year

Adoption and Wild Seal Supporter Pack - 1 Year

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Wild Seal Supporter and Adoption Pack

The ultimate wildlife adoption: Real wildlife; real stories; real time.

Live life alongside seals by becoming a Wild Seal Supporter and discover what they get up to!

This is an inspiring and uplifting gift for you or your loved ones, benefitting seals, that lasts all year.
Our unique Wild Seal Support scheme is a modern take on a traditional adoption with a twist.
Each adoption pack includes a certificate of your chosen charismatic wild seal, and a beautiful Wild Seal Supporter Welcome Pack full of exclusive information about this spectacular species. You’ll also learn how to best help seals while you are at home, work and play and will receive quarterly Updates about your adopted seal, including its whereabouts, photos and videos of what it and its companions have been up to, and our critical marine conservation actions across your seal’s patch and beyond.

The Seal Research Trust (est Cornwall 2000) is a multi award-winning, evidence-based marine conservation charity with over two decades of grey seal research. We have pioneered citizen science photo identification work that enables us to continually make new discoveries about individual seals, in order to inform more effective conservation. For us, every seal counts and is unique…just like humans! Ensuring seal survival is essential for marine ecosystem balance and health, so our Wild Seal Supporter scheme is a great way to support marine conservation in action.

As we are an environmental charity, the support pack and certificate will be emailed digitally, to be eco-friendly, save paper and reduce our carbon footprint. If you would like to print it out yourself then please feel free to do so.  
The Wild Seal Supporter pack is a meaningful and worthwhile ongoing gift for a loved one, or as a treat for yourself. If you can’t get out to see seals, this is a great way of getting seals to come to you!

Your Seal Support Choices:

Chairlift: Named after his ski lift fur pattern, Chairlift is a dad who loves to eat and sleep

Crosscomb: A stunning matriarch female who prefers the quieter life of offshore rocks

Ghost: Ghost is an amazing, legendary world record breaking mum

Photo of Ghost

Lucky Bunting: Bunting got her second chance after being rescued in 2016 by us and British Divers Marine Life Rescue

Rocket: We met Rocket on the day he was born, so we have watched him grow up into a very handsome lad

Superman: A charismatic commuter seal visiting haul outs along the north coast of Cornwall.

Tulip belle: One of our greatest travellers, Tulip belle has swum a 900k round trip multiple times, in order to have her pups

Wings: A visitor to the south coast of Cornwall and Wales, Wings became a real celebrity in a popular harbour when her rescue story went viral

Nudger: A south coast male seal, and a real character, who shot to fame when he hauled out on a passing kayak

A one-off payment of £35 gives you the Welcome Pack, seal certificate and a year's worth of Updates. If you would prefer to pay in monthly instalments across the year, please choose the option you can afford, from as little as £2.50 per month. Click below to see details.

If you are buying the Wild Seal Support Pack for someone else, we suggest you receive the initial pack, which you can then forward to them on the date you want it to arrive. Do also contact to provide the recipient’s name and email address, so we can send our Updates directly to them.
Click the Paywhirl button below to order for yourself, a gift for someone else, or to renew a Wild Seal Supporter subscription

£2.50 a month       -   £5 a month   -    £10 a month   -    £35 a year

If you would like us to post a hard copy of the Wild Seal Supporter and Adoption Pack, then please order it along with another gift from our shop, such as a furry seal, book or any other item, as this will then cover our postage costs.