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Wild Seal Adoption - 1 Year Seal Supporter Pack

Wild Seal Adoption - 1 Year Seal Supporter Pack

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Adopt a seal
The ultimate wildlife adoption:
real wildlife; real stories; real time.

Live life alongside seals by becoming a Wild Seal Supporter and discover what they are up to!

Adopt an animal as a gift for you or your loved ones to help seals!

** If you would like to make this subscription a gift for someone, please email with yours and your giftee's details! **

The Wild Seal Support and Adoption pack is a perfect unique gift for a loved one or treat for yourself - a one off payment of £35 gives you a year's updates of real time insight into the world of your seal, their companions and our critical marine conservation actions.

You, or your giftee, will also receive a personalised certificate of your chosen charismatic wild seal, and a beautiful Wild Seal Supporter sign up pack full of exclusive information about this spectacular species, and how to best help seals at home, work and play.

You, or your giftee, will receive updates for one year including:

  • Ongoing updates all year round with your seal’s latest whereabouts

  • Photos and videos of what they’ve been up to

  • Our marine conservation news across your seal’s patch.

Seal Research Trust (est Cornwall 2000) is a multi award winning, evidence-based conservation charity with 20 years of grey seal knowledge. Ensuring seal survival is essential for marine ecosystem balance and health, so our wild seal supporter scheme is a great way to support marine conservation in action.

Our unique wild seal support scheme is a modern take on a traditional adoption with a twist.

As we are an environmental charity, the support pack and certificate will be emailed digitally, to be eco friendly and save paper. If you would like to print it yourself feel free, or if you would like us to print a hard copy please get in touch.

 Your Seal Support Choices:

: Named after his ski lift fur pattern, Chairlift is a dad who loves to eat and sleep.

Crosscomb: A stunning matriarch female who prefers the quieter life of offshore rocks.

Ghost: Ghost is an amazing mum who’s had 15 pups in 18 years.

Hook: A good looking male who likes to pose for the camera.

Lucky Bunting: Bunting got her second chance after being rescued in 2016 by CSGRT and BDMLR.

Rocket: We met Rocket on the day he was born, so we have watched him grow up.

Superman: A charismatic commuter seal visiting haul outs along the north coast of Cornwall.

Tulip belle: Our greatest traveller, Tulip belle swims from Cornwall up to the Isle of Man and back.

Wings: A south coast of Cornwall and Wales visitor, Wings spends her summers in a popular harbour.

Nudger: A south coast male seal, Nudger is a real character who loves watching people and occasionally hauling out on passing kayaks!


If you are buying the Wild Seal Support Pack or Wild Seal Support Scheme for someone else, please contact us with yours and their details and arrangements via