We love seals and want you to love them too! Do you want to become a seal expert? Have a go at our family activities below:


Colouring sheet

Colouring sheet Click here for colouring sheet


Food web activity

Food web Click here for food web activity


Seal timeline activity

Seal life timeline Click here for seal timeline activity


Make your own Seal Mask!

Make your own Seal Mask Click here to make your own seal mask


Seals and People

Seals and people activity Click here for seals and people activity


Seal Mind Map

Seal Mind Map Click here for seal mind map activity


Seal Label Game

Seal Label Game Click here for seal label game


Seal Adaptations Activity

Seal Adaptations Activity Click here for seal adaptations activity


Create your own Creature Activity 

Create your own creature activity Click here for create your own creature activity






Finished and want to check your answers?

Answer sheets