Collection: Adoption and Wild Seal Supporter Pack

This is an inspiring and uplifting gift for you or your loved ones, benefitting seals, that lasts all year.
Our unique Wild Seal Support scheme is a modern take on a traditional adoption with a twist.
Each adoption pack includes a certificate of your chosen charismatic wild seal, and a beautiful Wild Seal Supporter Welcome Pack full of exclusive information about this spectacular species. You’ll also learn how to best help seals while you are at home, work and play and will receive quarterly Updates about your adopted seal, including its whereabouts, photos and videos of what it and its companions have been up to, and our critical marine conservation actions across your seal’s patch and beyond.
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  • Adoption and Wild Seal Supporter Pack - 1 Year
    Adopt a seal: Our Wild Seal Supporter and Adoption Scheme lets you adopt a seal and follow it for life
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